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This web site is a collection of quotes from the Internet Relay Chat network. Currently, the database contains a total of 41 quote(s). We also have 1 quote(s) awaiting moderation.

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  • We've updated!

    This site is now using the SVN version of chirpy! which means captchas for non-logged in users and voting now works in page, no more confirmation page!

  • This is a bit of an experiment really. I hope you guys will find it useful for cataloging tips, tricks and fixes you find while providing Live Chat support. Don't forget to vote for the entries that you find helpful, this will help us know what to add the the knowledge base. Use the tags freely, in the future we'll work out a system for marking things as added to the kb via tags. We'll moderate these to make sure no harmful suggestions make it to the list, but if you see one get through, please use the report link!