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Ok, so that’s not one of my usual clever titles, but I used up all my creativity designing the things. A group of us from #foxymonkies decided we should have t-shirts for the summit, so I got to work and actually got a cafepress shop going! I got it up a little late though so what we’re doing is we’re having them shipped to the office c/o Mike Connor so we definitely have them in time. We’re also going to just place one order and save a bundle on shipping, so if you want a shirt here’s what to do.

1. Go to and find out what style and size you would like (and colour if applicable). There are also #developers shirts at, see the end of this post for more info.

2. Make sure the shirt will ship in time.Please note that the dark t-shirts are in beta and will ship in no less than 5 business days. This is not enough time to get there for the summit. Other than that, as long as the item page lists it as in stock, it should be ok. If you really want a dark shirt, you can go ahead and order it yourself, they’re cool shirts anyway you don’t have to be at the summit to wear them.

3. Email me at with a subject line of “foxymonkies shirts” by Friday morning with the details on the shirt you want and I’ll order it for you. I plan on placing an order by Thursday morning for 2 day shipping. Any later than that will require overnight shipping which is about twice as expensive. If you don’t email me by Friday you’ll have to order it yourself, also if you’re not actually going to be at the summit you’ll have to order it yourself.

4. Pay me back at the summit. Payment form is negotiable, and may take the form of cash, paypal, alcohol, ponies, or other shiny presents.

Also, we didn’t want to be *completely* elitist so I also made a #developers shirt for the non-monkies who still wanted to show off some IRC pride: I’ll also include these in my group order if I get the orders in time. For those of you that don’t get the joke, do a youtube search on balmer or developers, it should turn up.

Your bookmarks are still there, I promise!

Note: anyone finding this post now, I’m probably not going to see your response if you ask for help here. If the fixes below don’t work for you, or you need help applying them, please see for help options including forums and live chat (IRC).

I understand how scary and angering it can be to install a new app and then bam, important info is gone. Fortunately this time, they’re not actually gone! Take a deep breath (I’d need one about now if this happened to me) and I’ll explain how to get them back.

Bookmarks missing after installing Firefox 2

Quite a number of people are reporting that after installing Firefox 2 their bookmarks are missing. This is a different issue and much easier to fix than the usual crash issue. The bookmarks are also NOT lost. In some cases the installer isn’t exiting existing Firefox processes properly and not updating some of the old files. This causes several odd issues including tabs not working properly, and for bookmarks to not show up. A bug has been filed, a permanent fix will be available ASAP. Bug 357922

The fix

There are two ways to fix this:
* Uninstall Firefox, delete the install folder (C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox by default) and install Firefox 2 again. Everything will be back to normal, including the bookmarks. This will not cause any loss of any other personal data. That data along with bookmarks are kept in the profile folder in Application Data.

* Install Firefox again using the custom install option and chose to install it to a new folder. Again, no loss of personal data as this installation will still detect and use your existing profiles.

Everyone has reported both of this fixes clear the issue right up and that no other issues are encountered.

Update: You shouldn’t have to delete the install folder for a reinstall to be effective. Uninstall Firefox 2, then make sure firefox.exe isn’t running in the task manager (be sure to check other users) and then install again. The files causing the problem should be overwritten.

To avoid this issue on installation

Until the bug is fixed you can absolutely avoid this problem by closing firefox before running the installer (check the processes tab in task manager), or by using the custom install and installing Firefox 2 to a new folder.

We are still working to narrow down exactly why this is happening to some users and not others. So far we’ve had several people install Firefox 2 with running and they’re not hitting the issue. This might be caused by another issue that is preventing the firefox process from exiting, for example some extensions do this on occasion. I’ll be sure to update this blog, and the bug as more information becomes available. If you have experienced this issue yourself and would like to help narrow it down, comment here, or on the bug or come find us in #firefox on

But is it made of chocolate?

The more astute of you have caught on to an ulterior motive I had in posting about my recent Firefox accomplishment. While I am very proud of myself, and would have blogged about it anyway, I included the screenshot because it also contains the Firefox easter egg. If you didn’t catch it the first time around, go back and take another look. If you found it, but weren’t sure, you were right. There is no other reference to it in lxr, which there would be if it were there legitimately. Still can’t find it? You’ll just have to wait for someone to digg it, I guess.

We could be heroes…

Ok so maybe that’s a lofty title for the content of this post, but hey, I’m exited. As unreal as it feels that what I’ve been doing with my spare time is worth the recognition, it’s really cool to be included as a valuable contributor to such an awesome project. Alright, so it’s not a “One point Oh” but getting in on the 2.0 ain’t too shabby either.

Here I am in what will be the Firefox 2 credits – I’m under Mary Colvig and on top of Mike Connor.

Bon Echo credits with me in them!

Dance, Dance!

So You Think You Can Dance?

It’s so awesome to see dance as a mainsteam form of entertainment. I suppose it’s always been that way in music videos, and as the music video generation grows up, it makes sense that it would somehow resurface in the form of family entertainment. There’s something incredible and magic about dancing, and maybe it’s just because I love dancing myself, but the most magical part is watching how the dancers transform when they’re doing what they love.

This season especially there is one particular girl, and several guys that are nothing spectacular just standing there, they all have their charms, but when they get out there dancing these skinny little boys and awkward young women just change and out there on the floor is a sensual sexy confident dancer that of course disappears again the moment the music stops. Heidi and Ivan in particular, but Ben and Benji as well. Benji especially cuz he’s such a goof every other moment. If you haven’t watched yet, try and catch it once. It’s a lot of fun, and they do all ranges of dancing, lots of hip hop and even krump, not just ballroom like Dancing With the Stars.

The Envelope, Please…

While we’re talking about dancing, those of you that know us know that both the kids picked up the dancing bug from me (which is one of the greatest joys of my life, being able to share that with them). This year they both took ballet exams in their respective grades with the Royal Academy of Dance and both passed with flying colours! There are 3 ways to pass – a simple pass – 40-54%, a pass with merit – 55-74%, and a pass with distinction – 75-100%.

Gryphon passed Grade 2 with merit (66) and Gwen passed Primary with distinction (83)!

And for their encore…

In April, not long after taking their exams, they also auditioned for the National Ballet School’s Junior Associates program. It’s not the full time professional program, which starts for children entering Grade 6 in the regular school system. It’s still a prestigious program, and would mean exposure to other children to who love dancing as much as they do – something especially important for Gryphon.

I was able to watch the audtions (which is probably the only reason I survived not knowing this whole time) so I had some idea of how they did. Gwen’s been a better technical dancer so far and did very well in her audition. Gryphon is just as good in other ways, and being a boy has an advantage there. He didn’t dance as well technically as I know he can, but he remembered all the set work and just really showed how much he loves dancing. So this whole time we were trying to guess who stood a better chance of getting in, and if we’d be lucky enough that they’d both be accepted.

Once again, they both did marvelously and they were both accepted!

Gwen was also accepted into the competitive track in her gymnastics club (which isn’t a surprise, she was invited to do it this past year, but couldn’t because of conflicts) and Gryphon is very excited to be doing a week long dance camp with another dance school this summer. Although I think his favorite part is going to be the family he’ll be staying with. He’ll be staying with another boy who is a student of the school, and they took to each other like glue when they met.

All in all it’s going to be a very expensive summer and next year, but I can’t think of a better way to spend our money.

New Orleans is Sinking…

…and I want to fit in a trip this year before it’s a) too hot and b) too wet. It’s supposed to be a much better year weather-wise but I’m thinking Murphy’s Law – if I don’t go something will happen, if I do go, it’ll be ok. Anyway, I’m hoping to get a bit of a group going, although I know that’ll probably be tough on short notice.

Edit [again, had to switch dates for a conflict]- since we’re flying on points, we’ve set a date already. We’ll be in NOLA from Wednesday July 5th – Monday July 10th. Any and all hangers on are welcome!

How Many Words Per Minute Can You Type?

At times like these, when I’m cleaning up the spill from my husband’s cup that he knocked over (apparently I’d been asked to take it to the kitchen earlier) I can’t help but wish he’d leave me for his secretary. Then I realize that’s me. *sigh*

Today is NOT Fuck Day!

Alright, so most people’s kids have heard them swearing, so when the little ones drop oh say, the “f-bomb” at home, you don’t freak out too much, especially if you know they don’t do it around other people. Well, Gwen, our 5-year-old for those of you unfamiliar, was getting very frustrated when Battlefront II wasn’t working on the kids’ profile. It would seem to load, but the sounds weren’t playing, and if you tried to enter the training, it would just exit the program. After a few rounds of this, she started:

“Holy fuck-a-moly!”

The first time I snickered quietly and decided to ignore it, seeing how she never swears. The second time I had to ask if she’d heard it somewhere or made it up herself, she is quite creative after all. At first her answer was that she made it up, but then after a little while (and another use of it) she remembered where she heard it.

“Actually, I heard it on Berenstein Bears.”

“No, honey, you heard holy guacamole on Berenstein Bears.”


Ahh, little ears!


Note to those concerned about my daughter’s sailor mouth – after one or two more variations she received the admonishment in the title and switched to crud.

You Think YOUR Cat Likes to Catch Bugs…

Leave it to Mike’s cat to be the one that walks across the keyboard producing results that no one else seems to be able to. This happened once before with oWirc. I even went to the oWirc help channel and described the view changes, no one knew what the hell happened.

This time she is hacking Firefox. I don’t think this is a known issue, but either way I can’t report it because, well frankly, my steps to reproduce are:

1. Buy a cat.
2. Wait for it to walk across the keyboard.

I’ve tried bashing the keys she was definitely on, I’ve tried bashing all the keys (although she never triggered find as you type, so that limits what she was touching a great deal). I’ve tried holding downs specific keys alone and in combination. I just cannot produce the dialog seen here.

I took the screenshot, clicked cancel and there was another IDENTICAL dialog underneath. I’m fairly certain they’re Firefox related and not windows related because they were both underneath the carat browsing dialog that can be seen when you hit F7. I’m sure I clicked no, but carat browsing was on after I dismissed everything.

Anyone have any ideas?

A Little Bit Magic…

Having been born under the sign of Aquarius, I’m fairly open to believing anything is possible until it’s proven impossible. This would of course include astrology. I hang out regularly at the Blochworld forums – Bloch being a manufacturer of dance products – and today someone was bored and posted a link to an astrological page she came across. It’s a very good site and has the most comprehensive personality analysis I’ve seen anywhere yet. I was going to just paste parts that I thought especially applied to me, but it is very long, and it all applies. Even the parts that are typically Aquarian that don’t apply to me, they mention the atypical behaviour that suits me to a tee – I’ll let you figure out which of those cases apply, and which don’t, for yourself.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, if you want to know anything about me, look no further than here: