Activity on the SUMO blog

Was pleasantly surprised today to see a new post on the SUMO blog – Michael Verdi has not only posted Monday’s meeting minutes to it (yay!) he’s also attempted a video diary of the key points of the meeting. It’s a little rough, but there are some great sneak peeks of the new knowledge base software as well as a call to test it out.

Everyone should head on over and check it out. Remember, communication is a two-way street. If you appreciate the video and having the meeting minutes in the blog then please give Michael a big thanks and let the team know. It may seem silly to simply post “thanks” but it really means something to people who take time out of their day.

It can be really easy for folks at Mozilla to get busy with work, but openness and communication are so important to its core mission. If it feels like no one is looking it’s really easy for people to choose not to blog, to tweet, whatever. Whenever you see great outreach like this reward it and you’ll be doing more than you think towards preserving these values.

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