New twitter account for community participation

Hi all,

I’ve started a new twitter account, @MozOpenCalls to aggregate opportunities for community participation. Hopefully this account will make it easier for people who want to help out (like myself) to find the current activities looking for volunteers…with a small catch.

I know I get overwhelmed looking at Spread Firefox and given my limited amount of time to devote I want to put my efforts into projects I know will be successful. The focus of this twitter account will be to highlight only projects that are being run by, or are endorsed by, official MoCo or Mofo efforts. Hopefully this makes it easier for people to choose a place to get started, and once they find their area of interest they can explore those projects’ blogs and mailing lists for more opportunities.

I’m a bit of a n00b to these things, but an added benefit of this is that it’s a simple enough project and hopefully I’ll learn on the way about the different ways to use twitter for aggregating and promoting. That said, if anyone has any tips for me, or wants to help out that would be fine, too! I wouldn’t mind an image of one of the foxes with a megaphone. For now I’m using an image of Foxkeh from Holi, which I think works ok, Foxkeh’s getting his hands dirty helping out! Also a background might be nice, I’ve seen some cool things out there.

Other than that, please RT and also tweet any open calls that I’ve missed! Both @MozOpenCalls and my personal twitter/email will work.


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