Best Mozilla Meeting Ever

So today the Mikes had a Toronto meeting, the Mikes being mconnor, shaver and beltzner. I tagged along to do some shopping and drinking with the boys (although there was a lot less drinking going on than I was led to believe!) and sat in on some of it. At some point the discussion turned to embarrassing/funny pictures and I mentioned a great one of mconnor that we used to have on our old old old webspace. Mike didn’t believe me that our stuff was still up there so I gave him a url to something that I knew would work. Unfortunately I completely forgot which pictures were which. Suffice it to say everyone got to see an old pic I made with a best friend as an April Fool’s joke where we’re in pseudo S+M gear (think goth club wear) and I have her by a leash. Mconnor had just been thinking to himself “I wonder if either of the other guys typed in that url” when shaver let out a nice loud “whoa, what’s this?” and promptly turned his screen to beltzner.

Top THAT Mountain View 😉

P.S. If I know you I’ll show you the picture.

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