Avast me hearties!

In the spirit of this most special of occasions, I assembled a crew of jolly tars and we’ve made some fancy riggin’ for you to add to yer ships!

If ye be captaining a Firefox vessel with 6 guns, and Windows or Mac at your sails, add this riggin’ to make your voyage on the virtual sees a mite more jaunty.

Step the first: install this fine langpack compiled by Captain Longbeard (aka Unfocused/Blair McBride)

Step the second: change general.useragent.locale to en-AR

Relaunch yer ship, and she’s good to go!

Fer more explanations of our efforts, and fer learnin how to join our crew see this here scrawl or find us on the irc.mozilla.org ocean in port #yarr

Update: Courtesy o’ Capt Nigel, here be an image of the beauty!

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