Bugzilla Update the First

Once I figured out the CPAN issue (thanks Biesi!) it was relatively simple to install Bugzilla. Remember, while I’m a more advanced computer user, I don’t code – not one line. I even managed to figure out how to lock it down so only my family members can access the information.

A couple pain-points so far:

  • After editing components of a product it doesn’t offer you an option to go back to the product. Definitely annoying after deleting a component.
  • The Hardware, OS etc fields aren’t removable or editable. Though I’m told the fix for this is coming in 5.0, it’s a bit silly for my uses!

Pleasure-points so far:

  • Installation was hella easier than I expected it to be. Good work guys!
  • Nothing surprising yet, but the fact that it’s working the way I expected is a good thing. I’ve added a product and some components.

Time to file some bugs!

3 Responses to “Bugzilla Update the First”

  • Justdave

    I’m curious what your CPAN problems were. Our install-module.pl script is actually supposed to take care of all of that for you these days, so if it choked on something it’d be nice to know so we can fix it.

    • Kensie

      Sent you the pastebin on IRC that included the original error. CPAN itself wasn’t set up properly to be able to grab the modules.

  • Jan!

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