Ok, so that’s not one of my usual clever titles, but I used up all my creativity designing the things. A group of us from #foxymonkies decided we should have t-shirts for the summit, so I got to work and actually got a cafepress shop going! I got it up a little late though so what we’re doing is we’re having them shipped to the office c/o Mike Connor so we definitely have them in time. We’re also going to just place one order and save a bundle on shipping, so if you want a shirt here’s what to do.

1. Go to http://cafepress.com/foxymonkies and find out what style and size you would like (and colour if applicable). There are also #developers shirts at http://cafepress.com/foxydevs, see the end of this post for more info.

2. Make sure the shirt will ship in time.Please note that the dark t-shirts are in beta and will ship in no less than 5 business days. This is not enough time to get there for the summit. Other than that, as long as the item page lists it as in stock, it should be ok. If you really want a dark shirt, you can go ahead and order it yourself, they’re cool shirts anyway you don’t have to be at the summit to wear them.

3. Email me at majken@gmail.com with a subject line of “foxymonkies shirts” by Friday morning with the details on the shirt you want and I’ll order it for you. I plan on placing an order by Thursday morning for 2 day shipping. Any later than that will require overnight shipping which is about twice as expensive. If you don’t email me by Friday you’ll have to order it yourself, also if you’re not actually going to be at the summit you’ll have to order it yourself.

4. Pay me back at the summit. Payment form is negotiable, and may take the form of cash, paypal, alcohol, ponies, or other shiny presents.

Also, we didn’t want to be *completely* elitist so I also made a #developers shirt for the non-monkies who still wanted to show off some IRC pride: http://cafepress.com/foxydevs. I’ll also include these in my group order if I get the orders in time. For those of you that don’t get the joke, do a youtube search on balmer or developers, it should turn up.

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