Unreachable Stars

It’s a dream that takes years of hard work, devotion, rejection and ultimately one that many of the talented will have to walk away from unrealized. One I never really considered a possibility for myself even when it was still “the dream.” One I hesitated to dream for my children, but couldn’t help myself; hoping it was their dream, trying to prepare myself for the day that they, too, might walk away from it. Even after all that hoping, and knowing that they were in a better position than many to catch that dream, I still find myself completely floored that one of them has.

Gryphon will be performing 5 nights with the world renowned National Ballet of Canada in one of the first stagings of Balanchine’s Don Quixote since his death. Balanchine left the rights to the production to his Dulcinea, Suzanne Farrell, who revived the ballet in 2005 for her own company. Ms Farrell is staging this production and so not only does Gryphon have the wonderful opportunity of being in this ballet, he will also be spending some time with a legend.

This is a ballet that I’m not familiar with apart from general knowledge of Don Quixote (tipping at windmills etc.) and so I can’t tell you more than what Gryphon’s roles will be. In a fantasy scene he will be a sword-fighting crusader-rat, and in another scene, which I can only assume happens in a church, he will be an altar boy.

There are 10 performances in total, with two groups of children performing in 5 shows each. Here are the nights Gryphon and his group are performing:

    Friday, June 15th (Opening night)
    Saturday, June 16th (eve)
    Wednesday, June 20th
    Thursday, June 21st
    Saturday, June 23rd (eve)

All performances begin at 7:30, with a special “Ballet Talks” session about the ballet 45 minutes before show time in the theatre’s lobby.

Tickets can be purchased online or by phone. Prices range from $40 to $155 depending on where you want to sit. Additionally, 10 or more tickets qualifies as a group and is eligible for 20% off, reduced service charges, and a complimentary ticket, so if everyone wants to go on the same night, please let us know ASAP and we can try and get a group together. I’d like to go opening night (Friday), and I already have tickets for the 23rd (Saturday) so I’ll propose those dates for the group and see what happens.

3 Responses to “Unreachable Stars”

  • Lucy

    I didn’t want to clutter the post with more information, but I do want to follow up with an explanation of how Gryphon got the part etc. so here goes:

    As I blogged about last year, Gryphon and Gwen both attend the National Ballet School’s part-time program. http://steelgryphon.com/grand/?p=18

    One of the things boys in this program can expect to be a part of is the National Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. It’s not so guaranteed for girls because even though they use something like 90 children from the school each year, there are many more girls than that at the school who fit the age and height requirements.

    When the National Ballet puts on other productions with children’s parts, they are usually cast from the school (not sure if they ever hold open auditions as well). This isn’t entirely rare, most ballets have at least one or two children here or there, but not more than that. Again, being a boy Gryphon’s odds of being chosen for a male child’s role is automatically higher than Gwen’s would be for a girl’s role, but this is probably balanced out by the fact that many of these children’s roles are fairies, and there are probably more opportunities for girls than boys.

    Gryphon didn’t have any sort of formal audition for his role as a sword fighting rat, but we’re pretty sure the hours he spends saving the class from droids and sith when its not his turn to dance made him a shoe-in.

  • beltzner

    Yeah, I’m totally up for this. We should get the rest of the Toronto area Mozillians rolled out en masse.

  • mic

    agree with Beltzner, would be most fun and so awesome, congratulations again!