5 o’clock world

I’ve finally sat down to process the emails I asked for in regards to times people can commit to help. With the responses I’ve received so far, we can extend our hours during weekday afternoons. However, I didn’t receive many emails committing to the later hours, though I know we have plenty of helpers on during the evenings.

If you haven’t already, please email majken at gmail dot com with the hours you are willing to commit to being around. If you’re available 12 hours of the day, that’s great, but unless you’re saying you will be on and helping 12 hours a day, that’s not what I’m after. Also, if the time you can be around is less than an hour at a time, don’t worry about mentioning it.

Again, you’re free to help whenever you feel like it, but this is for the purposes of making sure we have the coverage to advertise being open. Also, if your times change, don’t sweat it, just drop me another email.

As it stands I’ll be extending the hours to:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am – 3pm PST (GMT-8)
Tuesday, Thursday: 12pm – 4pm PST (GMT-8)

Please email me ASAP if you can help extend the hours further!

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