Wo ist die Bibliothek?

If my IRC hostname hasn’t already tipped you off, I’m in Europe! This is my first trip beyond North America and it’s very exciting. One side of my family is Danish and everyone older than me has been to at least Denmark and Germany. I have to help that I was watching Enchanted on the plane, which happens to be a very good movie, btw).

With two kids, five cats, and a S.O. very focused on the release cycle I realized I needed a vacation to not only retain my sanity, but to actually get some of my own work done. The fact that I’m actually in Europe is happy serendipity borne from access to Aeroplan points and having a free place to stay complete with internet.

A very happy side effect of the time difference is that I can be around to help out all our European volunteers who have wanted to learn the Live Chat ropes but haven’t been able to make their hours fit with ours. If that describes you and you’d like to take advantage, please find me on irc.mozilla.org in #livechat or send me a message in Spark including the time that works out for you. I’ll be around this evening around 8pm CEST and will play it by ear from there.

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