It was a very good year

I’ve very much enjoyed this past year and my role as the Live Chat community lead. It’s been a very cool experience helping establish a new project with a new team, especially one that so directly impacts users. We saw incredible turn out and some really great feedback when we launched last December. Since then we’ve made several changes to improve the process. The software that we’re using which was partially open source when we chose it has no been fully opened and now the possibilities for making the improvements we’ve wanted to are very exciting. We’ve also been through a release and a major update and it was really great working with other contributors to help so many people experience Firefox 3 properly.

I can’t wait to see what will happen with Live Chat in the coming year!

Working on Live Chat has also given me a chance to develop my skills and get a feel for what types of tasks I really love. I really love helping people and interacting with them. Being able to help someone do what they’re trying to do is always a great feeling. I think my favorite project though was organizing the June Support Firefox Day. All in all I think my favorite parts have all been the ones that involved working with other people to do some awesome things. Working with Jason, Chris and David has been a great experience.

While support is very dear to my heart, that’s been my major role in the Mozilla community to date. I have some opportunities to pursue projects that involve doing some other things that I love and hone some skills that I’ve had fewer chances to use in my current role. I’m definitely going to stay as involved with support as I can, but I’m also going to enjoy letting someone else take the leadership role with Live Chat and seeing what they can do with it.

Look for an announcement soon on who’s taking over!

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